RV Driving School Program – Recreational Vehicle

(This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.)

RV driver training is provided on a flexible training schedule which can be arranged around your time schedule. We help RV owners master the safe operation of their recreational motor home vehicles. We have patient professional instructors that instill the confidence you need.

Training for this program is a combination of our professional DFZ Program with an additional 3+ hours of training in your RV.

Before the course we offer a MTO prep day at no additional cost. This is a one day course here at the school to prepare you for the initial written test. You will use our Official MTO Truck book from our library and we give you mock tests to make sure you are ready to do your written test.

Once you pass your written test, we can book your practical road test with the Drive Test Centre. Once booked we begin your practical training on the road with one of professional instructors.

Topics covered include:

Proper alignment of Mirrors
Testing your brakes
Safe braking of your rig
Backing your rig straight, on a curve and into a campsite
Dealing with the back-end swing-out
Highway driving – lane control, lane changes, and exit ramps
City driving
Driving in adverse weather conditions
Maneuvering at intersections
Dealing with road construction
Hills and mountain driving
Defensive driving
And much more.

Our aim is to give you the training and confidence to safely operate your RV motor home in all driving circumstances.

Got questions? Contract us for the answers.

Safe Driving!



Applicants must be 18 years of age to drive in Canada, and 21 to drive internationally.

Enrollment Application

You are required to complete an Enrolment Application and be able to provide the following:
• A Valid Driver’s Licence “G” or Higher
• Driver Abstract

MTO Medical

MTO Medical is required to be filled out by a doctor.

Download the form here

Crossroads Barrie recommends that you utilize the Driver Licensing table below as a guide.  This table was taken from The Ministry of Transportation website www.mto.gov.on.ca

Please understand that Crossroads Barrie wants to ensure that you are properly licensed to operate your motorhome.  One item not included on the attached chart is reference to the “Z” Endorsement also known as the Air Brake Endorsement.  All Ontario residents that operate vehicles that are equipped with an air brake system must obtain an Air Brake (Z) Endorsement.

Your Air brake certification is a two day course and is done at the school under the Truck Training School Association of Ontario approval with the MTO. Both written and practical are done here. You take the envelope to the Drive Test Centre with you on your practical test day and it is put on your license.

The Z endorsement can be done before you have your medical done because it is a stand a-lone course.

We strongly recommend, as per the chart below, any driver of a motor home that exceeds 11,000 kg is to obtain a Class D license.

RV Dealers that we work with: