AZ Program – Tractor Trailer Driver


by law to obtain a Class AZ Driver Licence
in Ontario starting July 2017.

Crossroads Truck Training Academy (Barrie)  is a registered MTO training centre for delivery of the new required
Melt Certified AZ License Training program.


Our primary training is with Class “AZ” tractor-trailer and Class “DZ” straight truck. We have courses suited to meet all students needs from various backgrounds. Training is provided on a full-time basis or a flexible training schedule can be arranged.

The student must be at least 18 years old and have a full “G” licence. An MTO medical form is required to be filled out by a doctor.

A new AZ course starts every second Monday. View the Course Outline.

CROSSROADS is a registered and approved member of the Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario. All of the Vocational Programs that are provided by CROSSROADS Training Academy are registered under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.


5 Week Program (115 hours)

We start a new course every second Monday; unless it is a holiday then you could start on the Tuesday.
Note: If you are attending full time, the first two weeks are in class a mix of yard training and indoor classroom. If you are attending part time, the first two weeks of classes can be completed over consecutive weekends.

Week 1 – Classroom

Employment in the Commercial Vehicle Industry, Vehicle Components & Systems, Basic Driving Techniques, Professional Driving Habits, Tractor-Trailer Off-Road Tasks and Manoeuvres, Documents, Paperwork and Regulatory Requirements.

Week 2 – Classroom

Vehicle Inspection Activities, Hours of Service Compliance, Cargo Securement, Handling Emergencies, Z Endorsement – Air Brakes

Weeks 3-5

Consists of one-on-one in-truck training and yard work.


  1. Applicants must be 18 years of age to drive in Canada, and 21 to drive internationally.

  2. You are required to complete an Enrolment Application

  3. Provide A Valid Driver’s Licence “G” or Higher

  4. Provide A Driver Abstract

  5. An MTO Medical is required to be filled out by a doctor. Download the form here

  6. Grade 10  or equivalent is required

"To the prospective student: I believe CROSSROADS Training Academy is the best educator for entry level drivers. I have found that although some of the training centers possess some of the parameters, not all of them seemed to offer qualities to the same extent as CROSSROADS did. CROSSROADS Training Academy is a good, solid course staffed by great people wiling to spend the time you need to succeed. I also found that prospective employers have a high regard for CROSSROADS and it's graduates. I would be happy to talk to anyone considering CROSSROADS for their driver training."

− Jaques Martin

"Words of just thanks does not seem enough, for the new leash and purpose CROSSROADS has given me. At this point in my life I thought I was destine to remain at the same job, or one like it until my retirement. Now I have a chance at a new job doing something I always wanted to. I want to thank the staff for their support and help/. With CROSSROADS help and perseverance, I have my AZ license; an interview for a job and now the next step is up to me. "

− Mary Hambly

"CROSSROADS Training Academy provides a friendly yet professional environment. The in class teaching methods and info provided prepare a solid foundation for a safe and successful trucking career. The exposure to various and necessary driving conditions, skills are wisely and potential acquired., Knowing CROSSROADS will continue it's highest standard of excellence and is dependable even beyond it's obligation. In my opinion rates them #1!"

− Paul Fritz

"During the 6-week program, all the staff were very helpful in assisting with any aspect if the program. They were also very helpful in guiding me with all the information and know- how in getting a job as a professional driver. I'm glad I chose CROSSROADS and not the cheaper, non-accredited schools. Their success rate speaks for itself. They set up information nights where you can speak to students and meet representatives from future employers. in my personal case that turned out to be Schneider International. Many thanks to the entire staff- of "family" as they call themselves for a most enjoyable and productive learning experience. They speak the truth! Trust them!"

− Louis Desrochers