School Bus Driver Improvement Course

(This program does not require approval under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.)

The School Bus Driver Improvement Course is done here at the school under the Driver Education And Training Inc. approval with the MTO.The SBDIC is a one day course.  It is a custom course that we do with just one or two students at a time.

Once the course is over we send the paper work to the Driver Education And Training Inc centre and they issue the certificate.

You take the certificate to the Drive Test Centre and it is put on your licence at no extra cost.




Applicants must be 18 years of age to drive in Canada, and 21 to drive internationally.

Enrollment Application

You are required to complete an Enrolment Application and be able to provide the following:
• A Valid Driver’s Licence “G” or Higher
• Driver Abstract

MTO Medical

MTO Medical is required to be filled out by a doctor.

Download the form here

"I graduated from Crossroads under the guidance and direction of Des, President and Co- Owner. I thank all the instructors hands down because they shared their expertise and knowledge of their many years in the industry and on the road."

− Cam Hashem

"From the in-class lecture/discussions to the final test, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Your instructors are true professionals with much real life experience and are able to present the facts in a way that makes remembering them easy, peppered with anecdotes and actual experiences, the points were etched in my memory for good."

− Chris Carroll

"Trailwood Transport Ltd. is pleased to announce that Crossroads Truck Training
Academy is one of our preferred entry level Transport Training Academies.
All and any students will receive one on one in cab training with one of our
trainers to ensure he or she is comfortable to be on their own.
Trailwood Transport Ltd. looks forward to working with your new graduates.

− Trailwood Transport Ltd.

"I took CROSSROADS DZ training program last February. I learned so much and the staff were great, all of the instructors seemed to take pride in their students and ensuring safety is a top priority. I would definitely recommend CROSSROADS for anyone thinking of obtaining their AZ, DZ or other truck license."

− Ontario Tree Spading