CVOR Certificate


If your company is or will be operating a heavy commercial vehicle like a truck or bus, you will need a CVOR Certificate. NEW CVOR VIDEO COURSE AVAILABLE! Crossroads Truck Training Academy has the answers and training courses you will require to successfully pass the Commercial Vehicle Operation Registration (CVOR) written test, and then maintain your certificate. Is this your situation?
  • Is your company struggling to understand the CVOR’s requirements?
  • Are you buying your first heavy vehicle and need to apply for a CVOR certificate?
  • Are you a Health Care Agency that offers mobile services in Class A motor coaches or mobility buses? You may be required to obtain a CVOR certificate.
  • Have you, or are you about to purchase a commercial trailer? Do you require a CVOR certificate?
  • Do you want to own a passenger bus or coach for a school board, a city transit system or a private institution such as a senior’s home, children’s camp, or the entertainment/tourist industry? You will likely need a CVOR certificate.