Our commercial driver courses at CROSSROADS Truck Training Academy Barrie are registered under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005. Students have the opportunity to apply for a variety of funding options, depending upon their circumstances.

Employers and Employees

You may qualify for GOVERNMENT GRANTS

The Canada-Ontario Job Grant is an option available to employers who want to upgrade the skills of their employees. Thus existing employees or new hires can obtain driver training to obtain the licence required by the employer.

How does the Canada-Ontario Job Grant work? Employers must first contact their local Career Centre to start their Canada Ontario Job Grant application.

Second Career Assistance for those on Employment Insurance

You May Qualify

  • If you’ve been laid off, collected employment insurance and wish a positive change in your career, you may be eligible for funding through a Second Careers Program offered by Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development
  • Assistance up to $28,000 for tuition, books, transportation and more.
  • Younger applicants may also qualify for a grant through the Skills Link Program
  • Click Here for a list of Career Centres that can assist you with qualification and application process.

First Nations and Metis Status Funding

First Nations and Metis status individuals funding is available. Contact your band office and or Metis Nations of Ontario

Persons with Physical Disabilities

Persons with physical disabilities can find funding information through the Ontario March of Dimes employment services program.

Active in Canadian Forces

Contact CFMWS

Financing Options

Contact Us for recommendations on companies that offer financing options for our courses to qualified applicants.

Are you 55-64 year old and unemployed?

Employment help for older workers program.

Qualification information at  The Target Initiative for Older Workers

Emigrant to Canada

Emigrant to Canada, Contact The Maytree Foundation

Self Funding

If you are paying for your course out of your own funds, or if you are not eligible for any grants or government funding, here are a few payment options:

  • Most major banks offer a Student Line of Credit to qualified individuals
  • Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) funds
  • Registered Education Saving Plan (RESP) funds
  • Life Insurance – you can borrow against the cash value
  • Major Credit cards
  • Your relatives and friends might be approached to assist you

Ask us about your funding options