Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Where do I get financing? Do you have a payment plan?

Answer: Besides family and good friends, funds are available to those who qualify through Second Careers Click here for more details.

Question: How is the job market after training? Do you help with Career Placement?

Answer: Almost every day we get calls from employers looking for qualified and trained drivers. We have multiple job postings on our bulletin board. Crossroads offers lifetime career placement assistance for our graduating students.

You will also have the opportunity to be listed as a student driver in the MEE program. This allows prospective employers to browse your training progress and offer you job interviews.

Speaking of interviews, we offer regular on-site presentations by transportation companies such as Schneider, Gibson, Progressive Waste, Phoenix, Bison, Kelsey, TST, Trailwood and many others.

Question: How long does the AZ program take and when does it start?

Answer: The AZ program to become a Tractor Trailer Driver takes about 200 hours. It takes about 6 weeks full-time with 110 hours classroom and 90 hours around the truck and on the road.

Click here for more AZ course details.

A new course starts every Monday (unless it is a holiday). Check the current schedule here.


Question: How often do you offer the Air Bake Course and how long is it?

Answer: The Air Brake Z Endorsement is a 2 day course offered every two weeks during the weekday. It is also offered once a month on the weekend. Check the current schedule here.

Question: Do you train on rigs with automatic transmission?

Answer: Yes, we have a mixed fleet of automatic and manual transmissions to meet with every student comfort zone. It’s your choice.

Question: Do you offer any part-time or custom courses?

Answer: Yes, we can be flexible and provide a custom program that meets your needs, especially if you are needing to maintain your current employment through the training. Contact us for details.

Question: Do I need to have my medical and written tests complete to start your courses?

Answer: No, but you do have to have these completed as soon as possible to ensure that your road-test can be booked. The medical must be completed before you can write the test and the written test must be completed before the road test can be booked.

Question: How much do the courses cost?

Answer: There are different prices for different packages/ courses. Call and speak to an admissions administrator so they can give you an accurate quote based on your requirements.

Question: What hours and days does the school operate?

Answer: The office is open 9:00 am until 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. We have instructors who will teach outside these hours to accommodate students that can only train weekday evenings due to job requirements. Call us to see what may be arranged  to accommodate your needs.

Question: What kinds of roads and highways do you train on?

Answer: The majority of in-vehicle training is done around Barrie. Some highway and country road driving is included, but the majority is done in moderate to heavy traffic situations.

Question: Are there any costs that are not covered by the course fees?

Answer: Yes, there are some other costs. There is a fee to Drive-Test when you write your written test an it also covers your road test. The amount for all commercial driver licences is fixed rate.

There is also a fee for your medical and drivers abstract (ask us about the MEE program to get this done easily and fast)